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10/19/22 Report from the River

An invasion averted??

At 07:21 on 10/19/22 I received the following report from Scott Craven, located at Ft. Montgomery:

“This morning on our walk, we were surprised to see a 155’ long ship hove to off Mine Dock Park in Fort Montgomery.

Mystery Shop off Mine Dock Park, Ft. Montgomery, NY
Even more mysterious . . .

Soon they were heading towards shore in inflatables. Ginger and I met them at the beach and after they assured us they weren’t a Russian oligarch invading Fort Montgomery, we allowed them to land unopposed.

Ginger, fierce defender of Mine Dock Park

Nice folks actually. They are a National Geographic expedition and they were doing a kayak tour of Popolopen for their guests this morning.

I guess the Hudson Valley really is a destination these days.”  

ADDENDUM: I’m pretty sure I saw the same boat down at the Tappan Zee Bridge at approximately 11:30 hours from the Metro North Hudson Line. (CRC)

You decide:

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