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Subways are for Sleeping*

If you were driving on the Goat Path or over the Bear Mountain bridge a few nights ago, and thought you saw an old NYC subway heading up the West Shore, you did, kind of.

Ginger is unimpressed

This freight train, carrying the bodies of R-32 subways, passed though Mine Dock Park right about peak rush hour.

A quick “Googlectomy” revealed that these old “Brightliners,” after fifty years of service, were heading for Ohio to be recycled.

The Gothamist ( notes that these are the last subway cars you could see out of the front car and into the tunnel.  

*This title is a deep pull, related to the previous post on Brooks Atkinson. If you think you know the reference, email us and you could win a free copy of our book “Croton Point Park: Westchester’s Jewel on the Hudson”!

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